Five Reasons to Choose U-Fill Purified Water:

1. Toxins are removed making it healthier to drink and cook with. Our water is filtered to less than 5 PPM where Tillsonburg tap water can range up to 300 PPM.  The contaminants in unpurified water can affect the longevity of fruits and vegetables washed in it.

2. Odorless compared to some tap or well water.  U-Fill purified water tastes cleaner and doesn’t affect the flavour of food.

3. Save money on purchasing cases of bottled water.  Reverse Osmosis bottled water can cost up to $2/bottle for 1 litre of water.  One 5 gallon fill is over 18 L of water reducing the cost of purchasing water bottles which would retail for $36!

4. Better for the environment.  Less water bottle disposal means less energy used to recycle or dispose of plastic bottles, and more energy conserved from not creating disposable bottles.

5. U-Fill lets you see our filtration process.  When you walk into U-Fill, you see our filtration through the glass wall.  You can see our equipment is clean and kept in good order, and you can see our latest purity readings posted on the wall.  WIth less overhead from not running a franchised location, we can offer premium purified water for a fraction of the cost of the other guys.


We look forward to seeing you!


49 Oxford St., Tillsonburg, ON

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